Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yogurt Cheese Recipe

The Middle Eastern Food Kitchen (The home of delicious Middle Eastern Food Recipes) invites you to try Yogurt Cheese recipe. Enjoy the  Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Yogurt Cheese.

Use cheesecloth, a loose-weave cotton material found in kitchenware stores and some supermarkets, to drain the yogurt so that it becomes firmer.

Yield Serves 12


1 container (17.6 ounces) full-fat or 2 percent Greek yogurt


Place 2 layers of cheesecloth in a fine-mesh sieve over a large measuring cup or bowl. Add Greek yogurt and loosely cover with plastic wrap. Top with a plate that is at least 1 inch smaller than the inside rim of sieve and weight with a heavy can. Refrigerate 48 hours. Roll into balls (1 tablespoon each).

Everyday Food, June 2009 

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