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Stained glass window biscuits recipe

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The Middle Eastern Food Kitchen (The home of delicious Middle Eastern Food Recipes) invites you to try Stained glass window biscuits recipe. Enjoy Christmas Desserts and learn how to make Stained glass window biscuits.

Recipe facts:
Takes: 20 mins to prepare and 12 mins to cook, 20 mins to cool
Serves: 12


350g plain flour
1tsp bicarbonate soda
2tsp ground ginger
100g butter
175g brown sugar
4tbsp golden syrup
1 beaten egg
coloured boiled sweets

Heat the oven to Fan180ºC/Gas Mark 5. Line two baking sheets with non-stick baking paper. Sift the plain flour, mix in the bicarbonate of soda and ground ginger. Rub in butter with your fingers until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Then add the brown sugar, golden syrup and beaten egg. Mix with your hand to form a ball. Allow to rest for five minutes while you lightly crush the boiled sweets with the rolling pin.

Flour your work surface and the rolling pin, and roll out the dough to the thickness of a pound coin. Using cutters such as Christmas trees, hearts and angels, cut out your biscuits. With a smaller cutter or just with a knife, cut a small round hole in the centre of the biscuit. Place on the lined baking sheet. Put a crushed boiled sweet in each little hole. If you want to hang the biscuits on the Christmas tree, use a straw to make a little hole near the top.

Bake for 10-12 mins until golden. Leave to cool and harden on the baking sheets because they will be soft to begin with, and the melted sweets very hot.

When cold and solid, thread ribbon through the little holes and tie.

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