Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sugar - About Sugar

About Sugar
The granular sweetener we use to make cakes and sweeten cups of tea originates from two sources: the sugar-cane, grown in the tropics; and sugar beet, grown mainly in warmer climates.

There are several different types of sugar which add a range of textures, tints and flavours to cooking.

Golden caster sugar: Loosely packed with a warm, golden colour, golden caster sugar is great in tea or sprinkled over fruit. It is also great for making meringues and cakes.
Demerara/raw sugar: Darker in colour than golden caster sugar but still free flowing, crunchy demerara is great for sprinkling but also for baking and in coffee and tea.
Dark brown soft sugar: Looks as its name suggests and great in cakes, gingerbread, pickles and chutneys.
Light brown soft sugar: The most popular sugar for making fruit cakes and puddings where a richer, fuller flavour is required.

WHITE SUGARS Simply refined brown sugar. Equally sweet, but because the granules are finer it seems sweeter.
Granulated sugar: Used for sweetening tea and coffee and is a good, basic all-purpose sugar for cooking too.
Caster sugar: Has fine crystals that dissolve easily making it the best sugar to cream into custards, mousses and for sprinkling over fruit.
Icing sugar: Granulated sugar that has been ground into a powder with an anti-caking agent such as calcium phosphate. Dissolves on contact with liquid and used to make icings for cakes and syrups for fruits.

Store it
Store in sealed canisters in a cool, dark cupboard.

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